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1. I love to cook

2. I don’t like bananas

3. Dancing is my passion            dancing

4. I am not afraid of death

5. I have never lived in one place for more                                                                                               than 2 years

6. I love food                                           Fast Food

7. I was bullied, but now I’m not and I don’t stand for it

8. I am athletic

9. I really like math

10. I LOVE the beach, and I live by one


senegal beach

2 thoughts on “About Page

    • Hey,
      I have lived in California, Washington DC, Peru, Niger, and now I live in Senegal. But I have lived in many places in California. I think my favorite place I’ve lived in was Peru, because it was by the ocean(Senegal does too). I also liked it because it felt like I was in the States, but it was also different. I felt like I had more opportunities to be who I really am there. The school wad amazing and I had to work really hard to keep my grades up, and it helped me learn what life will really be like without help from others. Do you move around?

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