Genius Hour Presentation #2

In this past genius hour presentation I did Emojis. At first I was going to continue of my previous topic of dancing and expand on it to dance battles. But then I had a change in heart, and I felt like a change. I chose to do emojis because they are something that we use everyday(or at least I do). I feel like it is a simple necessity. I thought that the main topic of emojis would get repetitive after some time, so I started to look deeper in and I started to get interested in things people never realized and emojis that are used wrong. I believe that this topic helped me see how us humans can use something so often, and that we can be so clueless to the small things that we use everyday.

This project was different from my first one because first I did a Powtoon video and spoke to the time of the video. I think that this project could help the community, because of the fact that it allowed people to become more aware of what they are doing. I am going to do a project about some very unknown places in the world. The could possibly be landmarks. This can help influence the world because when we find out more on a place, we can discover new animals, creatures, ext.

Genius Hour Presentation

Media life

Media is now a big part in our lives, we basically use everyday. We share ideas, traditions, thoughts, and expressions. Which is a big part in communication. There is a big exchange in knowledge. There also has to be a certain amount of individual and collective understanding of communication.

Gender segregation is something that comes with media. People separate and categorize people by their social status, what there profession is, how they look and more. This can effect the way that people look at themselves. Although some people have become more open minded about what your gender is (Kaitlin Jenner)  . But other people have not, and that has had a big effect on people’s  image on themselves. There is a lot of judgement on media either way. But there are a lot of ups to your gender on media. There is a lot of socialization on the media. There is also the problem of having some standard that they need/want to get to. And this can bring them down to thinking that their not good enough. It effects the way they look at the world. And the biggest problem that I think occurs is facing the truth about media. It is a big business that can be public or private.

We live in a world surrounded by social media. So in a way media has become a part of our culture, because its a part of who we are now. Media is a essential part in our life. We use media to learn about what is happening in our economy, whether its political, social or economical. There is also a lot of drama and conflicts that come with this information. It could be bias, false information……





There are many different types of discrimination, but the one I am focusing on is race/color discrimination. Discrimination on race is when you treat someone differently(Mostly in a negative way) because of how they look. It is when you separate different characteristics that go along with their race. This includes skin color, hair texture and facial features. Color discrimination is when all the hate and cruelness is pointed to the color of a person. Race and color discrimination can also occur because of who a person gets married to(A person of a different race). Because of a persons race, there can be some unfair treatment. It can be harder for other races to get good paying jobs.


  • Culture: Discrimination based on cultural characteristics , race or ethnicity. Such as their name, accent, and their manners.
  • association: This is when a person marries another of a different race which then has a multiracial or biracial child.
  • Reverse Race Discrimination: This is where a person or a group of people discrimination on a whole race.

when someone discrimination happens a lot of times the victim thinks that its because of who they are. But its not. Nothing gives anyone the right to hate and change the rules for someone because of their culture and their race. We are all humans and that is what I think our race is. Color or facial features does not change that.


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Twitter Expert Reflection


For this assignment I had to find and follow 10 people that I thought would help me advance in my knowledge and understanding of my Genius Hour topic. My topic changed during this time, but I could still could use the advice that the people gave me. I asked them about good presenting skills and websites that were not PowerPoint. I contacted @22MThompson,  @SkwirkOnline,  @PowToon,  @TechnicalInnov,  @Mersive,  @ForbesTech@Adweek@jshamsy@IMAXNinjasmrholshoe@mrholshoe, and more. I created a list that helped me see tweets that held importance to my topic. It was also easier to contact everyone. At first no one replied my tweets. But the second time I sent out tweets @22MThompson and  @PowToon replied.

             We started to have a conversation, and then they started to connect me to other people that could potentially help me. @PowToon is here to give me help for any problems I run into. I am in a group conversation and It think that they are quite interesting so I will be continuing them. So to conclude I think that this was a really successful. project the people that I connected with were really fun to talk to, and I liked the fact that they would give me advice to help period. Even though not all the people I tried to connect with replied, the few that did made a difference. This strategy can be a really good way to learn to create better connections with people you never knew and that could be interested in some of the same things as you. I can continue this process by using it to do other projects out of technology class. 

California Roll


California Rolls are my favorite food to eat from the U.S. I like it because it has the best combination of sweetish and savory.


The Tempera California Roll is even better. Its adds that crunch that just makes the roll 10 times better. In general I am a sushi lover. Some people may say that it is too fishy and the idea of eating raw fish is just gross. I don’t mind the idea. All I think bout is how good it is. I also support my state in eating the roll state.


The California roll comes in all different styles. The picture above is the Spicy California Roll. Words cannot describe how amazing this roll is. I really hope they find new ways to serve the roll



Genius Hour Reflection

Genius Hour pic

For my genius hour presentation I did dancing. I was very broad and talking about dancing as a whole and how you can become successful in dancing. You can get very into it and talk about the style of dancing like Hip-Hop. I was very interested in this project, because I love to dance. I like experimenting with my dancing. I like mixing hip-hop and other styles. But I stick with a base of hip-hop. I really liked digging deeper into the main topic of dancing. It was really fun. I learned that dancing is not only about being able to move your feet, but also the amount of motivation needed to become a really good dancer. I also learned about what people can use dancing for a way to express their feelings in an artistic fashion. I think that I should have gotten a 83% because not only did I express how to become a dancer, the art of dancing, but also my feelings toward dancing. I could do this because I can make a connection to it. Next time I think I will not put as much information on my slides. I will also not make a Prezi. I think that next time I may focus on a specific style of dancing that I may try out. A way to be negative about dancing or the most famous dancers known from 2000-2015.



I chose to write a widget about ice-cream because I really like it. It had this effect on me because in the beginning I did not really like ice-cream. As I got older I started to really like it. Now I can have it everyday(and I pretty much have it everyday) It is one of those things that just satisfies me. I love picking out which flavor I want. I love the smell when you go to the shop and there is that sweet smell in the air. Picking out which cone you want. And getting it everywhere, even if your parents say that you are way to messy.


Successful In School

goalsLean Goals, March 21, 2013 by Andy Pattantyus, 

The fist key to being successful in school is to set and have goals throughout the year. Now these goals are what you are going to aim for during the school year. You don’t want to get distracted form these goals or school in general. For you to stay true to these goals you need to be motivated to accomplish the goal. And you need to know that to achieve the goal you need patients. You can not give up when something comes up, because things happen. Now I’m not saying that you can not change or tweak your goal. It is totally fine to do that.



organization Mindworks learning institute,organization and plan, 

I also think that you need to be organized. You need to have all your materials ready for school everyday, because sometimes when you are not ready for class it can be like you are taking a big step backwards. You also need to be ready for quizzes, test and exams, and if you are organized it will make studying way more easy.


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And finally you should absolutely avoid procrastinating. It is not only bad for your grades, but also if you have a test or something it makes you think negative. This really will effect your test grade, because you think that you can do it and you push it aside.

Shelley Frost, Demand Media, How to be Successful in school

Moving to Senegal

I have moved many times in my life so Senegal is no different to me. I think that being a International student is a crazy life. I have never lived in a place for more than 2 years, so Senegal does not feel any different. The one different part is the Atlantic ocean. Another thing that is different is the weather. I have never lived in a place where it rains so much. I adapt to places very fast. I not only think that Senegal is going to make a good impact on me, but I think that it will open up different opportunities for me. When I lived in Niamey, Niger my life was really boring and the school curriculum was not good. It also was a really small school, so ISD is a very very big school to me, and its has more that it is around 5 times the school I was in.