Genius Hour Reflection

Genius Hour pic

For my genius hour presentation I did dancing. I was very broad and talking about dancing as a whole and how you can become successful in dancing. You can get very into it and talk about the style of dancing like Hip-Hop. I was very interested in this project, because I love to dance. I like experimenting with my dancing. I like mixing hip-hop and other styles. But I stick with a base of hip-hop. I really liked digging deeper into the main topic of dancing. It was really fun. I learned that dancing is not only about being able to move your feet, but also the amount of motivation needed to become a really good dancer. I also learned about what people can use dancing for a way to express their feelings in an artistic fashion. I think that I should have gotten a 83% because not only did I express how to become a dancer, the art of dancing, but also my feelings toward dancing. I could do this because I can make a connection to it. Next time I think I will not put as much information on my slides. I will also not make a Prezi. I think that next time I may focus on a specific style of dancing that I may try out. A way to be negative about dancing or the most famous dancers known from 2000-2015.



I chose to write a widget about ice-cream because I really like it. It had this effect on me because in the beginning I did not really like ice-cream. As I got older I started to really like it. Now I can have it everyday(and I pretty much have it everyday) It is one of those things that just satisfies me. I love picking out which flavor I want. I love the smell when you go to the shop and there is that sweet smell in the air. Picking out which cone you want. And getting it everywhere, even if your parents say that you are way to messy.